Jessica Emmanuel Jedeikin

Psychodynamic Psychotherapist | Pr. No.0936362



Jessica completed her undergraduate and master’s degree at the University of Cape Town (UCT) and her Honours at UNISA. She was awarded the top mark in her class for her thesis, three subject distinctions, and was on the Dean’s merit list. She practised as a social worker for a number of years before specialising as a clinician/ psychodynamic psychotherapist. She completed her clinical internship in the psychiatric ward at Groote Schuur Hospital and formed part of a world-renowned multidisciplinary team where she assessed, treated and presented patients on a bi-weekly basis.

Jessica opened her private practice in 2021, it is based at 39 Kloof street, Gardens, Cape Town.


Jessica’s particular interests include, but are not limited to; anxiety difficulties, mood difficulties, adjustment difficulties, relationships, identity, and sexual orientation. Jessica sees individuals and adolescents (13+ years).

Jessica works psychodynamically, meaning that her approach is grounded in psychoanalytic theory. The goal is to achieve a deeper understanding of the unconscious drives that exist and influence the patients’ feelings, perceptions, and behaviour.

The Process

The process begins by scheduling a short phone call with Jessica in order to determine what the patient is looking for.The patient will be requested to complete a set of intake and confidentiality forms.
Booking will be subject to availability.

Jessica conducts an assessment for approximately three sessions in order to explore the patients’ goals and history.

Should the patient and Jessica agree that they would like to begin treatment, the sessions will commence on (usually) a weekly basis.

Psychotherapy for South Africans abroad

There are a significant amount of enquiries for psychotherapy online. Particularly for South Africans that are living, working, or travelling abroad.

Adapting and readjusting to layers of change and new environments can be stressful on an emotional as well as physical (somatic) level. Being far from previous support systems can become challenging.

Online therapy meets a specific need when South Africans abroad could be struggling emotionally and in need of support with life adjustments as a result of living and working in a new country.

With online therapy, a space is provided for convenient, and accessible sessions with a therapist that feels relatable or somewhat familiar.


Patients’ will be invoiced on a monthly basis.

Jessica’s practice is BHF registered meaning that patients’ are able to claim back from their medical aids in their own capacity.

Cancellations made later than 24hrs will be charged.

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    Jessica is committed to consistently expanding her psychological knowledge. She is a member of a number of societies and associations including

    South African Psychoanalytical Initiative (SAPI)

    The Cape Town Society for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (CTSPP)

    South African Association for social workers in private practice (SASSWIP)

    Jessica is registered with:

    Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF) (No. 0936162)

    The South African Council for Social Service Professions (SACSSP) (No. 1036284)

    The (United Kingdom) Health and Care Professions Council
    (HCPC) (No. 110337)

    Jessica can be found on various platforms including:

    Therapy Route, Psychology Today, Therapist Directory, and Med Pages, FindHelp.